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Ultratec GERBS - Long Duration

Gerbs are pre-made effects contained in small tubes that shoot a silver or gold jet of sparks out of one end, to heights of up to 35 feet, with durations of up to 20 seconds. Ultratec's Gerbs produce very little smoke create virtually no fallout.

The below listed long duration effects include 2 second through 25 second gerbs. Standard terminology dictates (duration) x (height). For example, a 8 x 10 Gerb shoots a 8 second jet of sparks up to 10 feet high. 

GERBS - 2 to 12 Seconds
GERBS - 15 to 25 Seconds
GERBS - 3 to 10 Seconds - BULK 100
GERBS - 15 to 20 Seconds - BULK 100
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