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Tiny Fogger Wireless Remote System Part #: FG92 Price: $365.00


This powerful and reliable radio remote has a range of about 300'. Compatible with all Tiny Foggers. The FG92 transmitter can control up to 3 circuits of receivers independently, and you can put multiple receivers on each circuit if desired. Supplied with 1/8" mini plug OR 3-pin XLR output.  Please choose the correct version from the drop-down menu when placing your order.

The Tiny Foggers heat up in less than one second for virtually instantaneous effects. Because of an intelligent control mechanism, the 12V battery supplies energy only when necessary so the fog time is greatly increased compared to other battery powered machines.

Product Features:

  • By means of the radio transmitter you have the ability to address three channels which can either be three individual receivers or three receiving groups. The number of the receivers per channel is not limited.
  • The radio remote control is designed for a long range of 100 meters if conditions are ideal. The manual transmitter even passes through walls or reinforced concrete constructions.
  • Transmitters operate from a standard 12V alkaline battery. The Receivers derive their power right from the Tiny Fogger.
  • 256 coding options are available between the Transmitters and Receivers!


Transmitting frequency 433, 920 MHz +/– 150 KHz
Radiated power (ERP) < 25 mW (< 14 dBm)
Modulation 100% AM
Number of channels 3
Coding options 256
Voltage supply 12 V DC (battery)
Range of working temperature 0° C to +65° C
Dimensions (L x W x H) 100 x 37 x 19 mm

Receiving frequency 433, 920 MHz +/– 150 KHz
Responsivity 1 mV
Demodulation log. AM-demodulator
Voltage supply 12 V DC via stereo jack plug OR 3-pin XLR
Coding options 256
Channel access/selection (Jumper) 3
Dimensions (L x W x H) 77 x 38 x 20 mm

Product Includes:

1 - Transmitter
1 - Receiver With Stereo Jack Plug

Extra receivers (FG92R) can also be purchased.