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Waterfall Low Smoke - 10 x 10 WHITE w/Silver Sparks Part #: CLP70043 Price: $12.75

Additional HAZMAT Fees Apply.



In the past, the waterfall effects look outstanding but the smoke they generate can not only prohibit their use in some venues, but also rob viewers of their experience. Ultratec has overcome this barrier by producing a flawless Low Smoke Waterfall. Ultratec has eliminated the clouds of distracting smoke while maintaining the purpose of the effect. They have made waterfalls to be limitless by taking a great product and making it exceptional.  

Note: These items require proper holders and controllers to operate. Please see below for required hardware specs.  Additional Hazmat Fees Apply.  Call us with any questions: 1-800-791-7646


  • Production Lead-time: 6 Business Days