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GERBS - 2 to 12 Seconds Part #: CPPGB0210S Price: $9.79

Additional HAZMAT Fees Apply.



Ultratec’s line of Gerbs are pre-made effects contained in small tubes that shoot a silver or gold jet of sparks out of one end, to heights of up to 20 feet, with durations of up to 12 seconds in this Gerb category you are currently viewing. Ultratec’s Gerbs produce very little smoke create virtually no fallout. This Gerb is sold with a match installed that has a standard lead length of approximately 36".

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Most Ultratec Gerbs are 1/2" diameter, but some of the larger Gerbs are closer to 1" in diameter. Our Gerb holders are available in both 1/2" and 1", so be sure to order the correct size for your Gerbs.

Sold individually.

Note: These items require propper holders and controllers to operate.  Please see below for required hardware.  Call us with any questions: 1-800-791-7646


Tube Dimensions
Tube Length: 2-1/2 - 3"
Tube Outer Dimension: 1/2" (10 X 20 GERBS are 1")
Tube Inner Dimension: N/A

Effect Details
Effect Width: 5 Feet
Effect Height: 6 - 20 Feet (Depending on size)
Fallout: None 

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