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Color Filters (20" x 24") Part #: SL99G Price: $8.00

A.K.A. gel paper, Color Filters are used to change white light to colored light. They are generally purchased in sheets 20" x 24", and can be cut with an ordinary pair of scissors. (See below listings for other sizes.)

Color Filters are heat resistant, and will not melt even in high wattage stage lights, when used in the color frame (a.k.a. gel holder) provided with your light fixture. Many colors are available - a green filter will filter out all light except green, a blue filter will filter out all light except blue, etc. (White light is actually all of the different colors of light mixed together.) Tint colors are generally used for theatrical lighting, while deeper colors are for special effects.

When making your purchase, choose from a variety of colors from the drop-down list to meet your application needs.


Always act responsibly when using special effects!