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LSG MKII System Part #: LF40 Price: $3,690.00

An amazing unit which, when coupled with a G3000* full of Low Lying Fog Fluid, creates an abundant supply of thick, low fog that will fill any stage, quickly and continuously. The LSG is not electric, but is powered by refrigerated liquid CO2. The CO2 is available from local welding supply/gas suppliers, and is delivered in dewars that are 24" x 60" tall. A touring version (LF40T - unit is built into an ATA-style flight case and ATA cae for G3000 is also provided) is available. Requires a G3000 with LSG interface, Low Lying Fog Fluid (see following product listings), and a dewar of refrigerated liquid CO2 (none of these items are included). 

The LSG comes with a standard One-Year Manufacturer's Warranty on all parts and service.

*G3000 Fog Effects Generator is not included.  

Pictures above show this system on on optional Cart or in a professional ATA case.  These options can be purchased with the drop-down menu above.  Also, these items are available in High-pressure and Low-pressure systems, as well as a Combo (high/low) version.  Feel welcome to contact us with questions on which system might be best for you.


  • Huge, Continuous Output
  • Remote, Show Control an DMX Control Available
  • Compact, Rugged Design
  • Dry, White, Water-Based Effect
  • Proven Performance
  • Patented CO2 Conditioning Process
  • Industry Standard 3/4" CGA CO2 Fitting


Length: 25 in 64 cm
Width: 19 in 48 cm
Height: 23 in 59 cm
Net Weight: 100 lbs 45 kgs
Power Cord: 6 ft - 1.8 m
Rating: 20 amps AC @ 110 volts @ 50/60 hz
Regulatory Compliance: This product has been certified to CSA/UL Standards by QPS Canada Inc.

* NOTE: This product does not qualify for flat-rate shipping.  Exact shipping fees will be charged.  Please call us for more details or to obtain a freight quote.
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