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STARBURST SMALL GREEN MK2 Part #: LMPP541 Price: $9.95

Additional HAZMAT Fees Apply.


Similar to an Arial Explosion, this new type of Airburst produces a flash of light and projects colored stars in all directions.

Available in blue; green; red; white; amber as well as shimmer, gold strobe and flitter.

Designed to be suspended from a lighting truss.

Product Videos

Small Starburst - GREEN MK2

Small Starburst - RED MK2
Small Starburst - AMBER
Small Starburst - BLUE
Small Starburst - WHITE
Small GOLD STROBE Starburst
Medium GOLD STROBE Starburst
Medium Starburst - FLITTER

Please Note: As with all pre-packaged pyrotechnics, a professional pyro controller is required to safely and legally operate these items. Call us with questions: 1-800-791-7646

Burst diameters:

Small: 8-12ft
Medium 18-22ft