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12sec x 35'+
Part #: LMPP823 Price: $11.05

Additional HAZMAT Fees Apply.


A plume of gold sparks gently flow down from above, resembling a classic waterfall. A classic effect, used for all events from weddings to rock bands.

Holes are located at the bottom of the tubes for suspending on a cable/truss. Most people prefer a "dense" waterfall effect, so each unit is normally mounted approx 1 to 1-1/2' apart. If you wish to create a lighter (or "less-dense") waterfall effect, mounting the tubes 2-3' apart will work.

Unlike silver waterfalls, these GOLD versions do not have a specific drop-height for the sparks and will likely fall 35+ feet (that is, the sparks will likely fall all the way to the stage floor and bounce!). Extra care must be taken when using Gold Waterfalls indoors.

Please note that the red caps are no longer fitted or supplied with these Waterfalls. If required, these can be sent out at no additional charge AT THE TIME OF PLACING THE ORDER. However, should these red caps be needed without the gerbs, they are available to purchase.

Please Note: As with all professional pyrotechnics, these items require additional HazMat and shipping fees, as well as approved controllers. Call us for more information: 1-800-791-7646


  • Tube OD (mm): 22
  • Tube Length (mm): 172
  • Tube Color: Black
  • Fallout: Yes