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AIRBURST SILVER LARGE Part #: LMP602B Price: $8.65

Additional HAZMAT Fees Apply.


A spectacular, bright, ball shaped flash followed by a burst of spherical sparks with very little smoke or fallout. Available with silver or white stars, with or without loud reports.

Airbursts come both singly or in a three drop harness. Call us for options: 1-800-791-7646

ProStage II Airbursts also have the added advantage of a three year shelf life (-as opposed to the "mix yourself" variety which has to be used within a few days).

Product Videos

Airburst Small White
Airburst Silver (All Sizes)
Airburst Large Silver Glitter
Airburst Gold Glitter (3 sizes)

Airbursts are designed to be suspended from a lighting truss that is at least 6m/18ft (small airbursts) to 8m/24ft (large airbursts), above the ground.

Please Note: As with all professional pyro, additional HazMat and Shipping Fees apply. A professional pyrotechnic controller must be used to legally and safely ignite these products. Call us with any questions: 1-800-791-7646

Effect Size Specifications (Diameter):

  • Small: 5ft
  • Medium: 8ft
  • Large: 12ft