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Glo-Plugs Part #: IG21 Price: $8.50
Please Select either 1-1/2v or 3v Version.

Available in 1-1/2 VDC and 3 VDC. These are reusable igniters and they are included in devices that require them. However, sometimes they burn out, or become broken, and need to be replaced. Follow the directions that accompany your device. A one-battery device uses 1-1/2V Glo-Plugs. A two-battery device uses 3V Glo-Plugs.

When making your purchase, be sure to choose the proper voltage Glo-Plugs for your needs from the drop-down list.


IG21 - 1-1/2V
IG22 - 3V

Igniters Category Information

Unless you're using a pre-made effect, your device will require an igniter. There is only one type of reusable igniter, which is the Spark Wheel Assembly. All other igniters are "one use" items.