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50 Foot Extra Large Streamers - BLUE Part #: AS50FC-B Price: $13.00


Great for use in 2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch barrels. 48 streamers will fit superbly in a 16 inch x 2 inch barrel, such as the AE07 Sky Cannon. Can be used on larger stages and outdoors. Guaranteed to grab everyones attention. Use in 2 inch barrels for the most distance. Use in 3 inch or 4 inch barrels if you want a wide fountain burst of streamers.

We can supply any size in almost any color, given sufficient lead time. Call us for other color options: 1-800-791-7646

Please allow 1 week for processing these custom orders.


Solid Color: 1/2" x 36 rolls per sleeve (FR)

Air Cannon Streamers Category Information

These tightly coiled items are made from lightweight materials, so they shoot high into the air and unroll as they fall. Streamers are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. They are sold in Speed-Load sleeves that contain 36, 40, 60 or 72 individual streamer coils, depending on streamer size (12', 18', 25', or 50').

In years past you would have needed to tear off a wrapper from each individual coil to prepare the streamer for firing; however, all of our streamers are now manufactured and packaged in a Speed-Load Sleeve that allows you to simply tear the end off of the package and drop an entire sleeve's worth of streamers quickly and easily into your air-powered cannon. Streamers have advantages over confetti in that they shoot farther and are easier to clean up.