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TLS Mega-Claw Part #: SL0MWB Price: $44.00
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The new standard for hanging intelligent lighting fixtures. Allows one man to hang intelligent fixtures. Simply flip the link up, place clamp over the pipe and the Mega-Claw holds the weight of the fixture for you while you secure it with the solid 3/4" thick handle. The Mega-Claw will fit onto (1-1/2" Pipe) 1.9" OD to 2" OD.


  • Minimum Size: 1.5" pipe, 1.90" OD pipe
  • Maximum Size: 2" OD truss tube
  • Safe Vertical Working Load: 1,100 lb 500kg
  • Hardware: 1/2"-13 × 1″ grade 5 hex head fixture mounting bolt with 1" diameter 600 pound belleville spring washer for tensioning. 1/2"-13 × 4″ trapazoidal head bolt for securing link to pipe.
  • Dimensions: 4.375" Tall x 6" Wide x 2" Thick
  • Weight: 2 lb .9kg