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Ultra Color Volcano Part #: UL01 Price: $99.00
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The Theatre Effects #UL01 Ultra Color Volcano is a device that can be used in creating some great on-stage flame effects. By filling the heavy-duty chamber of the Ultra Color Volcano with flame powder (a.k.a Alliant Green Dot Smokeless Powder) you will be able to create at least a 4 foot column of fire that lasts several seconds. This is a very impressive effect.

Alliant Green Dot Smokeless Powder is mostly used by gun enthusiasts who reload their own shells; in the special effects industry this very same powder can be safely used for creating flame effects.

We have not sold the smokeless Alliant Green Dot powder for years because of it being so easily attainable in most areas. Check with your local sporting goods suppliers that carry gun supplies and ask for Alliant Green Dot Smokeless Powder (example: Walmart, Dick's Sporting Goods, K-Mart, or your favorite gun shop). If you are having trouble locating it in your immediate area, you can find a local distributor through Alliant. It is very affordable and provides great looking flame effects

Our #UL01 Ultra Color Volcano features an 8 foot AC line cord and a built-in safety indicator light.   This device requires #IG03 Surefire Igniters.


Dimensions: 5-1/2" H, 4" x 4" base
Ignition: 120 VAC Surefire Igniter 

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