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AE31A Electric Stage Mortar™ Part #: AE31A Price: $395.00


An electric version of the Mega Mortar. Operate it from any electrical switchbox - fires as soon as you switch it on and then off. Or simply plug it into the wall. Or use the DMX-4 DMX Relay to fire it from any DMX lighting console. The CO2 cylinder is mounted inside the box behind the barrel and the firing pin has been redesigned to produce trouble free results. No leaking hoses. No breaking pins. When switched on, the solenoid punctures the cartridge, releasing the CO2 gas and launching the barrel's contents. Spare barrels for the Electric Stage Mortar can also be purchased for pre-loading all your shots before before show, enabling you to easily fire a second time by simply swapping barrels and installing a fresh CO2.

Includes: Assorted confetti and streamers, plus 2 CO2 cylinders, 2 Lifting Cups and 2 Backpressure Caps. Accessorize this model with an Extra AT22 2" Barrel. Patent pending.


Power: 16 g. CO2, 2" Lifting Cup, 2" Backpressure Cap
Remote: 120 VAC Electric or 230 VAC
Dimensions: 14" x 2" Barrels
Weight: 10 lbs.

Confetti & Streamer Cannons Category Information

This section is devoted to confetti and streamer cannons with barrels smaller than 2" in diameter. All of these confetti and streamer cannons use disposable C02 cylinders to propel the cannon's contents into the air. Most of these cannons are handheld, with mechanical trigger valves mounted at the bottom of the barrel. You screw a C02 cylinder into the valve, and then press on the lever to fire the cannon.

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