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AE10A Simulated Fireworks Cannon™ Part #: AE10A Price: $88.00

This is a very popular handheld system. It allows you to shoot streamers and confetti up to 40 feet into the air and out over the audience. Easy to operate, works at the push of a trigger. The end result is an eye-catching display of fireworks-like streamers cascading downwards.

Perfect for weddings, magic shows, grand openings, parades, marching bands, sporting events, or most any medium sized festivity. The fact that it requires no electricity makes it extremely versatile - it can be pointed and shot in any direction, at any time. This cannon can also be used to shoot water, silks, simulated smoke dust, soft toys, and many other items.

Includes: Assorted confetti, 18 foot and 25 foot streamers, plus 2 CO2 cylinders, 2 Lifting Cups and 2 Backpressure Caps.


Power: 16 g. CO2, 1" Lifting Cup, 1" Backpressure Cap
Remote: None
Dimensions: 20" x 1" Barrel
Weight: 3/4 lb.

Confetti & Streamer Cannons Category Information

The confetti and streamer cannons that Theatre Effects offers are available in a variety of barrel sizes, with a variety of triggering mechanisms. Barrel sizes range from 1" to 2" diameter. There are three triggering mechanisms: Mechanical Handheld, Mechanical Remote, and Electric Remote. Most cannons are fueled by small disposable CO2 cylinders; the rest use tanks that are refillable with compressed air or CO2. Most cannons require Lifting Cups and Backpressure Caps - cardboard accessories that make your streamers and confetti go sky high. All Theatre Effects streamer and confetti cannons come with enough sample supplies to perform 2 test shots. This way you are not wasting the actual product you have purchased for use in your performance or event shots.

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