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EZ Pro Laser Variance Kit Part #: LZ-EZKIT Price: $50.00

United States law requires all operators of Class 3B or 4 laser products have a Variance License, which is attained through the FDA.  Whether the laser is being used for professional or personal use, a license is required.

Until now, obtaining such a license was a long (and expensive) process. X-Laser has made it easier than ever to get this important license.

Looking to own and use multiple X-Laser products? Only one license is required. (It's like having a drivers license - it allows you to safely and legally operate these high-powered professional lasers)

The Details:

As soon as you recieve your X-Laser product, the license goes into effect.  You will receive a "Gift Card" with a special code, allowing you to login to X-Laser.com and fill out a simple form.  Done!

Though the EZ Variance Kit itself has a nominal cost to support the cost of X-Laser's online system, there is no additional cost to file the application.  Once approved, it is good for two years and there is no cost to renew. 

Please visit X-Laser to read through their entire FAQs on variance licenses.