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COMETFLAME Part #: LM4005US Price: $6,695.00 On Sale! $3,333.33


The CometFlame is one of the most unique color flame effects available for indoor use. Its quick and responsive machine gun style flame assault is like firing an array of comets. Chases are lightning fast and the colored flame from five individual nozzles reaches a height of 18ft almost instantaneously.

No gas or external pressure valves are needed, it’s a plug and play system. The CometFlame can be set to fire in high frequency or pre-selected intervals. There are 5 firing nozzles angled at 45, 22, 0, -22 and -45 degrees.

A fully programmable remote control* is supplied. Functions include: Block – for any firing angles not required; Channel selection; Status; Backlight; System flushing ; System pressurizing; and Save settings. The CometFlame can be controlled by 2 DMX channels – Safety and Fire. (*The remote control cannot be used if a DMX system is in use.  The remote control is required for programming the system).

Housed in a stainless steel cabinet, it is clean, versatile, easy to use and extremely safe. 

These machines are refurbished units (hence the significant sale price) and have a 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Product Video

(4 units are used in this video - 1 color per/machine)

CometFlame Fluid is available in red, green*, yellow, orange, purple and blue*, providing deep, rich colors. (* Please note when using blue and green fluid, the system must be flushed with water each time).


  • Alcohol based colored flames up to 18ft
  • Quick and expressive response
  • On-board DMX 512 support
  • Five individual nozzles at pre-set angles


  • Power: 120v, 50/60Hz, 500W, 4A
  • Size L xWxH: 13 1/2" x 12 1/2" x 9 1/2"
  • Weight: 38.5lbs

* NOTE: This product does not qualify for flat-rate shipping.  Exact shipping fees will be charged.  Please call us for more details or to obtain a freight quote.
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