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Wildfire Fluorescent Tape Part #: TP20 Price: $9.00
Available in 2 Sizes and 4 Colors
(150 feet per roll)
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The Professional's Choice!

Wildfire Fluorescent Tapes stick to just about any clean surface. Very noticeable under regular light and REALLY stands out under black light. Used for outlining walkways, trim for walls, creating designs, or whatever your right brain (or left for that matter) wants to use it for!

Fluorescent Tape comes in two sizes: small (1/2 inch wide x 150 feet long) and large (2 inches wide x 15- feet long).

The 2" variety (also known as UV Gaff Tape) works exactly the same way as the standard (black) Gaff Tape, except it glows under black-light. This has become a popular way to outline the court for "Glow Basketball" events.

The smaller 1/2" variety is the industry standard for "Spike Tape." Never miss the mark with this product! Also perfect for creating eye-catching scenic or artistic displays.

Available in 4 Bright Colors:

  • Bright Orange
  • Hot Pink
  • Bright Green
  • Brilliant Yellow
Be sure to select the correct size and color from the drop-down menu. This item ships directly from the factory. Please allow 4-6 days for separate delivery. Does not qualify for flat-rate shipping when combined with other products.