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AF 3 x 20 Gerbs Part #: CLPAF0001 Price: $15.50

Additional HAZMAT Fees Apply.




Angelfire® Gerbs offer a narrower plume of sparks than conventional Gerbs. When placed on an angle, Angelfire® Gerbs have an expected tip over as the sparks crown. Angelfire® Gerbs come with an installed match with a standard length of 36".

Note: Angelfire® Gerbs rise slightly slower . To address this, we measure the Gerb’s rise time between when it reaches its full height and when it begins to extinguish.

Note: These items require proper holders and controllers to operate. Please see below for required hardware specs.  Additional Hazmat Fees Apply.  Call us with any questions: 1-800-791-7646


  • Tube Size: 1.27IN X 4IN / 33MM X 101.6MM
  • Effect Height: 20 FT/ 6M
  • Effect Width: 2 FT/ 0.61M
  • Safe Working Height: 21 FT
  • Safety Distance: 7 FT
  • Production Lead-time: 6 Business Days